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Fizz Nails is a professional nail bar and beauty salon in the heart of Houston. Our friendly and welcoming team here are trained and experienced. The team of experts at Fizz Nails Houston want you to relax and get the best manicure, pedicure and nail application treatment. We offer each and every client a new nail file, buffer, and pumice stone. Enjoy the finest in innovative skin and body treatments that leave you looking and feeling wonderful. 



Express Manicure $15

Trim & file nails, cuticle work & polish with no massage. 

Fizz Manicure $20

Trim & file nails, cuticle work, light massage, and polish. 

Deluxe Manicure $35

Standard nail care, collagen mask, hot towel wrap, paraffin treatment & a relaxing massage. 

Gel Manicure $35

(soak-off & redo +$5) 

Standard nail care, long lasting gel polish & light massage. 

Dip Gel Set $40

(soak-off & redo +$5, cuticle care +$10) 

Long-lasting powder that's durable as acrylics but soaks off easily as polish, leaving the nail healthy & beautiful after removal.

We offer a wide selection of treatments for you to choose from including acrylic, dip powder, gel, shellac nail extensions or enhancements of natural nails. These nail care and spa treats will soothe your skin, beautify your body, lift your spirits while they make you feel and look your best. 

We ensure your safety by sterilizing all of our tools and instruments using an autoclave device and by utilizing pedicure liners that help to prevent the spread of bacteria. With an unwavering commitment to our strict cleanliness and safety processes, our clients can feel comfortable and confident that they are enjoying our services in a safe environment.



Express Pedicure $27

(Callus removal +$8) 

Trim & file nails, cuticle care, light callus treatment, and polish.

Fizz Pedicure $32

(Callus removal +$8) 

Trim & file nails, cuticle care, light callus treatment, exfoliating sugar scrub, and finish with a 5-minute massage. 

Organic Spa Pedicure $45

Purely organic Pedi that rejuvenate the skin. This "facial for your feet" includes basic pedicure w/ sea salt soak, callus removal, sugar scrub, mud mask & hot towel wrap. Finish with a 10-minute moisturizing butter massage. 

Ash Volcano Pedicure $55

Enjoy our spa experience w/ certified eco-friendly ingredients. Included are a signature pedicure, exfoliating sugar scrub, callus removal, collagen mask & hot towel wrap. Finish with paraffin treatment & 10-minute hydrating cream massage. 

Hot Lava Pedicure $65

Restore, moisturize & smoothen your skin to a bubble volcano eruption. Followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub, collagen mask w/ hot towel wrap & paraffin. Finish with a 15-minute collagen cream massage & hot stone to relieve tense muscles. 

Ultimate Gel-Ohh! $70

Treat yourself a relaxation and detoxified Jelly pedicure. This all-in-one kit includes a jelly spa bath, melting mineral, sugar scrub, hydrating cream mask w/ hot towel wrap & paraffin treatment. Finish w/ a 20minute hot stone massage to improve blood circulation & promote better sleep.

You will find a clean, friendly space with a relaxed atmosphere and always an efficient service. Here at our top-ranked nail salon Houston, TX, we invite you to explore our menu of options!


After arriving at the “nail salon near me”, you will be shown a series of designs to choose from. Alternatively, you can ask for a customised nail look - it’s up to you! Our experienced nail technician will start by removing any old polish color from your nails, before trimming, filing and shaping them for neatness. For the best results, it’s worth noting that technicians prefer your nails to not be too short. You want to have some room to show off your nail art, after all. The talented nail artist will then apply a clear base coat to your nails to protect them from any damage, as well as providing longevity and a strong base for the next layer. Once your base is all dry, the fun begins!

Perhaps your look will be adorned with glitter, contrasting tips or even jewels or crystals. Whatever your preference, the nail tech will use intricate techniques to achieve the desired effect. Embellishment can be added to your manicure or pedicure, too, regardless of whether your nails are natural or artificial. In recent years, nail art has grown tenfold in popularity and you’ll be amazed by just how creative it can be. The possibilities are endless. And, unlike other hand care treatments, you can keep coming back for more and never repeat the same nail look twice..


Get fast, expert waxing for skin that Is free of hair for weeks. We can wax anywhere that you have excess hair:

  • Eyebrow
  • Lip
  • Arms and legs
  • Brazilian
  • Back and chest
  • Full face
  • Upper lip
  • Forehead


Eyebrow $15
Lip $10
Chin $10
Underarms $20 +
Arms $30 +
Full Face $40
Legs $40 +
Bikini $40
Brazilian $55


Looking to treat a special someone? We have gift cards available at the salon.

Are you looking for professional nail and cosmetic specialists who care for your nails and beauty? Look no further than Fizz Nails in Houston, TX 77008. Our expert team will give you our good tips and advice, as well as best suitable nail solutions for you.

In our elegant, comfortable nail salon Houston, TX 77008, you can indulge in the finest treatments for your body, skin, nails and overall health. For more information, we warmly encourage you to reach out and make an appointment with us soon! You can find everything you need for nail pampering from various options of manicure and pedicure with relaxing hand to foot massage and exfoliation that are all carried out in a modern spa chair, which will leave your nails flawless and your skin silky smooth.

Address: 1533 N. Shepherd Dr Ste 150 Houston, TX 77008

Phone: 713-485-5746

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